My relationship with the profession

At first, I had no connection with the Profession. Respectively, for the sake of gathering data and evidence, I turned up in a couple of such groups and saw them up close. And remotely on YouTube.

Then I suddenly grew over them. So suddenly, at the same time, I didn’t even know what the difference was between a big arcan and a small one. I don’t know it anyway today, but I’m already making programmer-tarot cards along the principles I’ve set up myself. Even on the day in question, I just walked past an Indian yoga tent and was already breathing prana in the evening. Try it once, it’s really good because the air has mass.

In one such group of ezos, I saw a guided meditation and philosophized that it could be done better. As a beginner, but with noticeably serious knowledge, what else is worth starting with such as "Special Light Meditation"? That's when the meditation was made, which fortunately managed me to expel myself from the Profession for a lifetime. The problem with it was that I always try to express as much as possible in the title and that was called "Asshole Switching Meditation".

I understand that after that, no one took me seriously and I could sit for a meditation that even in Tibet the extreme Ezosians there don’t dare. In the end, I successfully accomplished this task, but only at the cost of translating the entire system of esoteric interpretation into IT language. This is the only way I was able to perform such a task alone. However, the Profession is usually made up of elderly people who are far enough away from that sort of thing. I became a fool who also got the opportunity and played the fool for them, thus winning more valuable years for myself.

We’ve come to the present day, because for 20 years I sat in an apartment just dealing with it. Since those who dealt with me were essentially extinct during this time, in the eyes of everyone else, I suddenly popped up out of nowhere with a boxed version of ÉlményPark that I wouldn’t detail now. To remain outside the Profession, but not yet, I founded Plastic Spiritual Surgery, which is a completely separate profession from Spiritual Surgery. If we get over our present day, I will continue.

Hivatalos közlemény | Official announcement

With regard to all the websites available from here, I would state that I did not intend to offend anyone. That is why I apologize in advance to those I have offended. On the other hand, I want to offend those who have not been offended, but I will not succeed at all.Az innen elérhető öszes weboldal vonatkozásában leszögezném, hogy senkit sem szándékoztam megsérteni. Ezért előre is elnézést kérek azoktól, akiket megsértettem. Azokat viszont akik nem sértődtek meg, mindenképp meg akarom sérteni, ám sehogy sem sikerül.