Step by step

It starts there that you’re a person who cares about this topic, but not so much that you start reading here realizing how much everything should be looked up for, how much you should give up everything, and how much time it would take with how much work to get to an acceptable level. But you are a man of the modern age, accustomed to someone coming up with an idea, or better with the solution itself.

Never before has anyone risen so high with their individual consciousness and that has brought a breakthrough. So far, the prevailing perception has prevailed that therefore everyone must work, devote the necessary time and energy to reach such a level. Not to mention that those who have done this from the Collective Consciousness do not really know and see our modern world. So they didn’t even understand the problem until I appeared on the market as a decent private entrepreneur.

It turned out that the business approach has the ability to make its owner look for market niches. Translated, this means that there is someone who has become interested in having problems identified and resolved. This was completely foreign to the angelic world of a corrupt pace and spirit similar to the monopoly position of large state-owned companies, so effective marketing was needed. It may have been a bit aggressive, but market demand can not only be met but also aroused. But the other side of the coin is an extremely decently done quality service.

If I make you an offer for which the Profession immediately roars, we will see a huge problem on the other side of the coin and a solution to it. The Profession doesn’t get from one to two because whatever they do breeds strife, but I’m not very interested in the Profession. That's how I was able to work and move on. My solution is as follows. If the problem is that great spiritual power would fall on your lap without any knowledge and preparation, because the Profession servantly followed the dilettante beings who corrupted it, then the solution should be to fall into your lap. With the right login and authorization system, tutorials and support systems. It is enough for you to see that this is already the modern age in esotericism.

What you see on these websites is all about that. If you still want to go after this, you want to know more, make it possible. But if not, then you are the market segment who values the advanced admin system behind things. This is because you really need a very advanced background. Collective Consciousness, until it understands the service, sees the Individual Consciousness as a rival, so it is easy for many to see it as satanic and it is not a very good advertisement for such a start-up business in an ascended medium where it is also the first business. In the spirit of a change of image, therefore, a sweetness campaign was launched out of the mouths of those who praise and recommend it. It’s really true, but I prefer that our clients make sure of themselves.

It makes sense if you need such a service soon, it doesn’t go suddenly in the traditional way, but it does, if someone starts to deal with it at right time. But in this big angelic corporation, it’s hard to see a partner working flexibly, so I needed my own, independent spiritual platform, which as a Democrat I created with the philosophy of linux with precise dreaming. Bottom line is, in your eyes, professionals deal with it outside of your comfort zone. Linux is free, so that's how you get it, let's say you open your eyes tomorrow morning and look around and see exactly the same world after the 3D update as before. I also agreed with the angelic levels. Everything you really need is available and accessible in the free basic version of ÉlményPark.

If I were to say that I am now explaining step by step what you need to do to use the service, I would admit to myself that the service is not up to date. That’s the point of not having to know anything about it if you don’t want to.

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