Brief introduction of the websites

For women with eso eyes
It may be interesting to anyone, but only useful to a few
Unique spirituality | my personal professional eso website
Contemporary esoteric writings of the MoonRay Spiritual and Literary Workshop
Mainly a scientific-sounding website dealing with holograms
Distance initiations using my data transmission invention | meditative
Distance Initiations on an existing platform
Professional work deeper
The point is to be concise, concise and understandable
For women with less eso eyes
Unique spirituality | my professional website
One of the paths of doing nothing
Mainly a scientific-sounding professional website dealing with holograms
Distance initiations using my data transmission invention | outside world 
Business | Plastic Spiritual Surgery

Life management thoughts, ideas, advice
There are those who don’t believe in it so much that they don’t even come to the website
Website in English, which mainly deals with my own Hungarian research

Remote initiation
The official website of the Pink Bear Terrorist Organization
High-tech magic on individual consciousness
What makes you a game may be a reality for others

Holoinstall in one place
Western Wisdom & Contac
Here I am collecting my literary writings, which will end up on the MoonRay
List of all my websites
My website

 * led by others

Gemstones left to us from my html era (until 30.06.2021)

Hivatalos közlemény | Official announcement

With regard to all the websites available from here, I would state that I did not intend to offend anyone. That is why I apologize in advance to those I have offended. On the other hand, I want to offend those who have not been offended, but I will not succeed at all.Az innen elérhető öszes weboldal vonatkozásában leszögezném, hogy senkit sem szándékoztam megsérteni. Ezért előre is elnézést kérek azoktól, akiket megsértettem. Azokat viszont akik nem sértődtek meg, mindenképp meg akarom sérteni, ám sehogy sem sikerül.