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For the first ten years I communicated events in the higher dimensional realms and I understand if it was understandable to few. In the meantime, there were battles raging and neither my strategy nor my tactics were comprehensible to the ordinary mind, but on the one hand I considered it important to document on the net, and on the other hand I created for myself an activity that could provide others with an information base and something to learn. My periods are ten years in time and we are now entering the third. In parallel with my return, my materials are becoming more comprehensible and organized, but I have observed that much less content is being published more slowly. So, for the sake of clarity and organisation, I have grouped the web pages as follows: | this will eventually be my official professional introduction website

Theory | Education

ÉlményPark | preparation for the future as well as a spiritual scan & clean for those who don’t want to delve into it | starting sheet for those who would start | the ÉlményPark 3D projection holo operating system website for meditators | professional details for meditators

Websites of co-authors | holography in a scientific approach | holography in a spiritual approach

Esoterica | to absolute outsiders | for beginners who don’t even want to read | only video | modern esotericism in a unique tone | ÉlményPark tutorial | my very first website preserved in its original form

Thematic | Information | Play in a game called Life | A sniff is enough (Higher Dimensional Man) | the professional companion website of the Higher Dimensional Man (Holo Zone) | Orientation in satirical style (Strictly Professional) | The Strictly Professional professional companion website (Pink teddy bears) | Truly professional | Really professional

Practice | Participation in the processes | Restoring the Earth | supplies for tasks | personalize energies | Holo Install Center | especially for those who meditate | for those who want to meditate but don’t want to go deeper into it | for those who don’t even want to dive in so much but come in handy for their own meditation | individual consciousness centric task support | game-admin content development and magic | holoinstall programs focusing on occupation management | holo game store | always what's on at the time, if you're getting in | unique things in an artistic approach | Mandala Center | all holoinstall and mandala in one place

Literature | Novellas | everyone here prints this bulvar, but some don't hide it | the alternative reality | better and worse short stories információ | information of

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Hivatalos közlemény | Official announcement

With regard to all the websites available from here, I would state that I did not intend to offend anyone. That is why I apologize in advance to those I have offended. On the other hand, I want to offend those who have not been offended, but I will not succeed at all.Az innen elérhető öszes weboldal vonatkozásában leszögezném, hogy senkit sem szándékoztam megsérteni. Ezért előre is elnézést kérek azoktól, akiket megsértettem. Azokat viszont akik nem sértődtek meg, mindenképp meg akarom sérteni, ám sehogy sem sikerül.